Regret and the MTV VMAs

Pretty much.

Pretty much.

Last night I regretfully watched the MTV VMAs. I’m pretty sure you’ve seen some footage, still shots, or memes of the show. Every year that I watch this show, I wish that I hadn’t.   Maybe it’s just my age.  I don’t know, probably so.

The only part of the show that I enjoyed was Justin Timberlake’s performance.  Everything else was just so disappointing to me. The best part of the night was tweeting and seeing all of the memes of some of the performers, especially Miley Cyrus and Drake. Who comes up with these clever little pieces of hilarity?  I always wonder where they originated from. They are all over Instagram. But the above screenshot sums up the night.

I’m not watching it again.  Ever. Not unless I personally know someone performing or accepting something. Oh, and the BET Awards were better.  Much better.


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