Missing: Black Sitcoms

Missing:  Black SitcomsI’m sitting at home and my husband is watchching “A Different World”.  I miss sitcoms with an entire cast of black people.  “The Cosby Show”, “A Different World”, “Martin”, “Living Single”, “227”, “Family Matters”, “Roc”, “Hanging With Mr. Cooper”, “The Jeffersons”, “Moesha”, etc. There were so many!  Where are all of these shows?  Sadly, they’ve been misplaced by semi-scripted reality TV shows.  Those shows had substance  and they were funny.  I miss plots, characters, themes, and  feel good endings.  Now we just have drama, drama, and drama.  I guess it was just the sign of the times, including the fashion.  Can you imagine a situation comedy with well dressed, funny, non stereotypical, great black actors?  No shade thrown to the handful of sitcoms out now with these characteristics, we are talking about network TV.

Missing:  Black SitcomsMissing:  Black SitcomsMissing:  Black SitcomsMissing:  Black Sitcoms

Maybe we should demand more from the networks that we watch.  I know that there are talented writers that can conjure up some meaningful television shows.  Just look at Twitter, it has proven that there are plenty of us that have the content that would make a good show.  I’m aware that it takes time, money, and drive.  I’m just letting you guys know how I feel.  Shout out to the people on YouTube that are doing it, making their own platform to showcase their writing and acting talents (Issa Rae and Chescaleigh).

What are some of your favorite sitcoms with an all black cast?


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