Jury Duty


Today I sit here in room number one of Jury Plaza of the Harris County Courthouse listening to Ma$e’s Harlem World.  I have a feeling that I will be chosen as a juror for a court case today. This is my second time at jury duty. The first was a few years back and I was released.

Harris County has done a great job remodeling the facility. My tax dollars paid off. It’s a nice, modern, comfortable space.

Although some may see jury duty as a nuisance (I did years ago) I now see it differently. As I survey the room, I see one aspect of fulfilling an American civil duty; in a room of well over 100 people, only about 30% are non-black people and less than that look like me.  I feel myself going there….yep, I’m here.  After the outrage and disbelief of the GZ trial’s outcome, and other injustices that occur every single day on my people, how could I want to avoid  jury duty?  We cannot expect change if we don’t even show up. How else will that person get a fair trial if his or her true peers don’t bother showing up to examine their case?  I’m just saying. There are some people that will never understand or empathize with a lot of people that are put in these positions to begin with, excluding the true guilty ones.   There are a countless number of men and women that are falsely accused and convicted of crimes that they did not commit or some that are set free knowing good and damn well they broke the law.

The next time you get a jury duty summons, don’t dispair, it’s your civil duty. Someone’s family might appreciate it.

They’ve called two sets of jurors. Maybe I’ll be next?

UPDATE:  I was picked!

Jury DutyJury DutyJury Duty

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