Doctor Visit

Doctor VisitI went to the doctor today. Second day in a row. Yesterday I went to get a physical. Today, a well woman exam. My doctor had my results from yesterday’s physical. He told me that “everything looks good EXCEPT…”  My heart paused and a million thoughts were running through my head. I just knew he was going to tell me that I was diabetic or my EKG showed some blocked arteries and I needed to have a stent put in ASAP, or something like that. Hypochondriac much?    So he told me that I needed to “raise my HDL”.  I knew immediately what that meant.  Remember, I was a Biology and Anatomy & Physiology teacher.

He told me that I needed to lose weight by eating better and exercising. Everybody knows that I don’t like to exercise.  It has been a prayer of mind for a while to change my mind about not hating to exercise. I truly want to love it. I do. I really do. Especially running. I want to love that so much.  I can handle altering my eating habits. It’s exercising that I struggle with. It’s also my prayer to get my mind right. I know weight loss requires mental changes as well.   Maybe I should read some books also to help me out. God knew that this is the “wake up call” that I needed. Won’t He do it?  I will not hit the “snooze button” on this one. I do not want to regulate my cholesterol levels with medicine. And I definitely don’t want my arteries to block and cause a heart attack. So it will be my new mission to change this part of my life. I want to be here for my family.

My doctor wanted to see if I could raise my HDL.  I’m going to do that and more.  Here goes nothing…


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