Conclusion of #31WriteNow

31WriteNowAwesomely Luvvie’s #31WriteNow Blog Challenge has come to an end. We have successfully completed the challenge, giving you a post every single day in August.  We’ve composed a list of things that we learned from the challenge.  Here are our top 3:

1.  We CAN do anything we put my mind to. On July 31st, we saw Luvvie’s post and immediately knew that this was what we needed to put our  blog into gear. We had been slacking on the blog post and put it on the back burner. We were not confident that we could blog for 31 straight days. We proved ourselves wrong. We did it. We were disciplined and got it done every single day.

 2. Put yourself out there to make yourself accountable. I’ve said it before, I wasn’t going to let anyone know that we were participating in the challenge. That way no one would notice if we missed a day of two.  Deep down I knew that was a wrong move. Since we put it out there, you guys held us accountable.

 3. Things are better when people support you. Other bloggers that we follow have participated in the challenge also.  Their encouragement helped a lot. Especially when it was the last hour of the day and we were pushing to get a post up. We also appreciate every single person that read our posts, left a comment , or did not leave a comment.  It helps to know you are coming over to read our thoughts. Although most people a quiet readers, our thorough analysis tells us that you guys come over and stay on the page for the amount of time it takes to read the post.

Honorable mention:  You can find inspiration everywhere. Initially, we thought that there wouldn’t be enough content to blog about everyday. We were so wrong. There are so many things that we wanted to blog about, but those topics didn’t make the cut (i.e Johnny Manziel, Syria, etc.) There were always options simply because inspiration for writing was alway around.


These are our top three things that we learned while participating in this blog challenge.  We won’t be bogging everyday, but we will do it more often. Maybe once or twice a week? We will see.  Thanks, Luvvie for the motivation.


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