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NatSup Wrap Up: Kinks and Kicks-Houston

Javon and LaRhonda of Naturally Supreme

Javon and LaRhonda of Naturally Supreme

We know, it’s been a minute.  A loooong minute since we have blogged about ANYTHING.   This post is long overdue.  Before our unintentional hiatus, we had our third Kinks and Kicks in Houston, TX.  The event was held on December 7th (geez, over two months ago) at The Tipping Point Store.  We had our first Kinks and Kinks, our launch party, at the same location back in 2012, the second one was held in Dallas in March 2013.

Kinks and Kicks:  Houston


Naturally Supreme with owner of The Tipping Point Store.

Naturally Supreme with owner of The Tipping Point Store.


Kinks and Kicks:  Houston

This go round, it was cold, I mean REALLY cold.; unseasonably cold (for Houston) and the turn out wasn’t what we expected; the event was filled to capacity through  We had numerous people that had planned to attend from out out town, including Dallas, and was stuck because of inclement weather.  NEVERTHELESS, we had a wonderful time with those that attended!  We are thankful for the love and support.

Cristina Harris of Cristina Janee Photography was our photographer for the evening.  She did a wonderful job and we are pleased with her photographic skills and her capture of candid and moments.  She’s a sweetheart and super talented.   Sidenote:  She’s rocking our Black History tee.  Thanks for the support, girl!  Cristina was not the only one that came out in her Naturally Supreme apparel.  It was so humbling to see our attendees rocking our merch.

With photographer, Cristina Harris.

With photographer, Cristina Harris.

Each attendant listened and grooved to the tunes of Kadar Dennis of Entertainment Etc.  Kadar and his lovely wife, Brandy, are friends of ours from college, Grambling State University.  He is known for getting the party started and is guaranteed to make you shake your groove thang!  Thanks Kadar and Brandy for always being there for us.

Kadar Dennis on the ones and twos.

Kadar Dennis on the ones and twos.

Naturally Supreme's Kinks and Kicks:  Houston

Our attendees had the opportunity to mix and mingle with one another, purchase Naturally Supreme apparel, and walked away with a goodie bag with Miss Jessie’s samples and a Naturally Happy Hair Magazine.  We appreciate the donations and support form both brands.

Naturally Happy Hair Magazine and Miss Jessie's Goodies

Naturally Happy Hair Magazine and Miss Jessie’s goodies.

Kinks and Kicks:  Houston

Naturally Supreme's Kinks and Kicks:  Houston

A few weeks passed by and Kinks and Kicks were featured on!  Most of our guests had their beautiful pics posted on the highly respected website.  We appreciate and Nicole Melton for their continued support over the past couple of years.

We plan on doing more Kinks and Kicks events, hopefully in another state and definitely in a warmer month for the ones here in Houston.  Stay tuned for another Kinks and Kicks, it just may happen near you!

Please visit our Facebook page for more photos of the event.

Naturally Supreme's Kinks and Kicks:  Houston

Us fooling around!

Naturally Supreme's Kinks and Kicks:  HoustonNaturally Supreme's Kinks and Kicks:  Houston

New Arrivals Are Here!

Naturally Supreme Lookbook 2As promised, we have new merchandise in our online shop!  We are so proud of our new pieces, especially the green and black striped tops.  We only have a limited supply, so once they are gone, they will be gone for good.  We’ve also added a hoodie and a 3/4 length sleeve top to keep you warm for the next few months.  They are not too thick, but just right to either layer or wear alone, depending on your climate. For the first time, we are offering two toddler t-shirts that are available for the little ones in our shop.  The little boy or girl in your life can wear either shirt with style that shows how Naturally Supreme they are.  Last but certainly not least, we’ve added a design to our most popular shirts, iFro, iTwist, and iLoc.  You will notice a unique geometric graphic behind the popular phrases.

We hope you check out our new lookbook and share with your family and friends.  We had the pleasure of working with our favorite talented photographer, Jonathan, of JSP Studio, model, Niki, and make-up artist, Bridgett of Glamour RX Cosmetics.  Collectively, we produced a beautiful lookbook that we are extremely proud of and we hope you are too!  We hope you become inspired by our looks and put your own personal style toward our apparel.

If you have bought from us in the past or plan on buying from us in the future, please fill out our Customer Feedback Survey.  We welcome your ideas, criticisms, and/or praise.  Your voice will help guide our direction in the future.

We will be in the Dallas area this weekend, October 18-20th, we’ll be participating in the Natural Hair All-Star Weekend.  We will be vending Saturday at the Expo.  If you are there, come by and say “hi!”

As always, we thank you for your continued support that you have shown us.  We appreciate each one of you.

Naturally Supreme Turns One!

It's Our BirthdayOne year ago we made it official.  We introduced our website to the world and began taking orders for our merchandise.  We became a business in the world of e-commerce.  That evening was so exhilarating and we will never forget it.  It seemed so surreal.  We couldn’t believe that people were actually checking out the website and placing orders.  We worked hard on what we wanted Naturally Supreme to be.  We never knew that a part of our philosophy, “supply the masses…” would come to fruition.  Words are powerful.  One must truly believe in them when we speak and/or write them.  We have set goals, accomplished many, and are learning from mistakes.  We are very fortunate to have an endless list of supporters that believe in our brand.  We hope you have enjoyed our first year of existence and are strapped in for year two.  It’s going to be an awesome ride!

Thank you guys for being loyal supporters of Naturally Supreme.  If you are a customer, please feel free to fill out our Customer Feedback Survey.  You can access it HERE or click on the Customer Survey tab at the top of the page.  Your feedback is important and critical to the way we plan for the future.  Thanks in advance.

One down, many more to go!!  Let’s get it!


NatSup Wrap Up: Lookbook 2.0

NatSup Wrap Up:  Lookbook 2.0We know.  It has been ten days since the blog challenge ended and this is our first post since.  So.  We needed a break.  Well, I needed a break.

Last week, we had the pleasure to work with Jonathan of JSP Studio on our second lookbook.  He is our favorite photographer; he’s so very talented and we love and appreciate his artistry.  He helped bring our apparel to life in our first lookbook, so it was only natural for us to collaborate with him once again. As some of you may remember, I was very uncomfortable during our first shoot.  Well, I still felt that way.  I’m no model, that’s for sure.  He has a way of making me feel comfortable in front of the camera and he brings out some pretty cool shots.  We also had Niki aka @pikyniki participate in the shoot once again.  She’s beautiful and does an awesome job modeling for us.  We all have great chemistry, maybe it’s because we’re family. :-) Teamwork makes the dream work.

Our makeup was done by Bridgett Washington of Glamour Rx Cosmetics.  She’s so gifted with her craft and was able to enhance what we were working with.  Thanks so much!  We loved our looks.  It was a pleasure working with her.

Very soon, you guys will be able see our new shirts and lookbook.  We hope you are pleased, just as we are.  We are very proud.  Take care!

NatSup Wrap Up:  Lookbook 2.0


Conclusion of #31WriteNow

31WriteNowAwesomely Luvvie’s #31WriteNow Blog Challenge has come to an end. We have successfully completed the challenge, giving you a post every single day in August.  We’ve composed a list of things that we learned from the challenge.  Here are our top 3:

1.  We CAN do anything we put my mind to. On July 31st, we saw Luvvie’s post and immediately knew that this was what we needed to put our  blog into gear. We had been slacking on the blog post and put it on the back burner. We were not confident that we could blog for 31 straight days. We proved ourselves wrong. We did it. We were disciplined and got it done every single day.

 2. Put yourself out there to make yourself accountable. I’ve said it before, I wasn’t going to let anyone know that we were participating in the challenge. That way no one would notice if we missed a day of two.  Deep down I knew that was a wrong move. Since we put it out there, you guys held us accountable.

 3. Things are better when people support you. Other bloggers that we follow have participated in the challenge also.  Their encouragement helped a lot. Especially when it was the last hour of the day and we were pushing to get a post up. We also appreciate every single person that read our posts, left a comment , or did not leave a comment.  It helps to know you are coming over to read our thoughts. Although most people a quiet readers, our thorough analysis tells us that you guys come over and stay on the page for the amount of time it takes to read the post.

Honorable mention:  You can find inspiration everywhere. Initially, we thought that there wouldn’t be enough content to blog about everyday. We were so wrong. There are so many things that we wanted to blog about, but those topics didn’t make the cut (i.e Johnny Manziel, Syria, etc.) There were always options simply because inspiration for writing was alway around.


These are our top three things that we learned while participating in this blog challenge.  We won’t be bogging everyday, but we will do it more often. Maybe once or twice a week? We will see.  Thanks, Luvvie for the motivation.

Doctor Visit

Doctor VisitI went to the doctor today. Second day in a row. Yesterday I went to get a physical. Today, a well woman exam. My doctor had my results from yesterday’s physical. He told me that “everything looks good EXCEPT…”  My heart paused and a million thoughts were running through my head. I just knew he was going to tell me that I was diabetic or my EKG showed some blocked arteries and I needed to have a stent put in ASAP, or something like that. Hypochondriac much?    So he told me that I needed to “raise my HDL”.  I knew immediately what that meant.  Remember, I was a Biology and Anatomy & Physiology teacher.

He told me that I needed to lose weight by eating better and exercising. Everybody knows that I don’t like to exercise.  It has been a prayer of mind for a while to change my mind about not hating to exercise. I truly want to love it. I do. I really do. Especially running. I want to love that so much.  I can handle altering my eating habits. It’s exercising that I struggle with. It’s also my prayer to get my mind right. I know weight loss requires mental changes as well.   Maybe I should read some books also to help me out. God knew that this is the “wake up call” that I needed. Won’t He do it?  I will not hit the “snooze button” on this one. I do not want to regulate my cholesterol levels with medicine. And I definitely don’t want my arteries to block and cause a heart attack. So it will be my new mission to change this part of my life. I want to be here for my family.

My doctor wanted to see if I could raise my HDL.  I’m going to do that and more.  Here goes nothing…

Missing: Black Sitcoms

Missing:  Black SitcomsI’m sitting at home and my husband is watchching “A Different World”.  I miss sitcoms with an entire cast of black people.  “The Cosby Show”, “A Different World”, “Martin”, “Living Single”, “227”, “Family Matters”, “Roc”, “Hanging With Mr. Cooper”, “The Jeffersons”, “Moesha”, etc. There were so many!   Read More→

Senegalese Twists Take Down

This was a bomb twistout directly after taking out the twists.

This was a bomb twistout directly after taking out the twists.

Well, I took down my Senegalese twists last night.  Sure I could have went a little bit longer, but I need them out for this weekend.  They were only in for 5 weeks.  I enjoyed them, especially not having to think about doing my hair for a while.

It took me about two hours to take them out.  It took five hours to get them done, remember my experience?  They still get a side eye for that one.  The time went by quickly since I watched a couple of unfinished episodes of Dateline and 48 Hours Mystery from our DVR.  I took a few pics and then went to bed, dirty hair and all.  It was 1:oo am when I finished.  I did manage to take some pics before going to bed.  LOL.

I washed and deep conditioned my hair this morning.  Since, I had a little more hair than before, I decided to do a twistout before heading to the barber shop.  I went outside and POOF!  No definition at all,  so I added a floral headband from Salon De La Soul Sister.  Here are the results:

Senegalese Twists Take Down

I am confident that I am NOT about this twistout life anymore.  It took me about two and half hours to finish my hair.  I know I’m rusty.  I haven’t twisted it up since last November.  I kept thinking of the things that I could be doing instead of twisting my hair.  Nevertheless, I am excited about going to the barber shop to get my hair cut down again.  I love my TWA!

My short cut is back and I love it!

My short cut is back and I love it!

I enjoyed my Senegalese twists this summer.  I think my next protective style (next year) will be kinky twists or a weave.

Jury Duty


Today I sit here in room number one of Jury Plaza of the Harris County Courthouse listening to Ma$e’s Harlem World.  I have a feeling that I will be chosen as a juror for a court case today. This is my second time at jury duty. The first was a few years back and I was released.

Harris County has done a great job remodeling the facility. My tax dollars paid off. It’s a nice, modern, comfortable space.

Although some may see jury duty as a nuisance (I did years ago) I now see it differently. As I survey the room, I see one aspect of fulfilling an American civil duty; in a room of well over 100 people, only about 30% are non-black people and less than that look like me.  I feel myself going there….yep, I’m here.  After the outrage and disbelief of the GZ trial’s outcome, and other injustices that occur every single day on my people, how could I want to avoid  jury duty?  We cannot expect change if we don’t even show up. How else will that person get a fair trial if his or her true peers don’t bother showing up to examine their case?  I’m just saying. There are some people that will never understand or empathize with a lot of people that are put in these positions to begin with, excluding the true guilty ones.   There are a countless number of men and women that are falsely accused and convicted of crimes that they did not commit or some that are set free knowing good and damn well they broke the law.

The next time you get a jury duty summons, don’t dispair, it’s your civil duty. Someone’s family might appreciate it.

They’ve called two sets of jurors. Maybe I’ll be next?

UPDATE:  I was picked!

Jury DutyJury DutyJury Duty

Regret and the MTV VMAs

Pretty much.

Pretty much.

Last night I regretfully watched the MTV VMAs. I’m pretty sure you’ve seen some footage, still shots, or memes of the show. Every year that I watch this show, I wish that I hadn’t.   Maybe it’s just my age.  I don’t know, probably so.

The only part of the show that I enjoyed was Justin Timberlake’s performance.  Everything else was just so disappointing to me. The best part of the night was tweeting and seeing all of the memes of some of the performers, especially Miley Cyrus and Drake. Who comes up with these clever little pieces of hilarity?  I always wonder where they originated from. They are all over Instagram. But the above screenshot sums up the night.

I’m not watching it again.  Ever. Not unless I personally know someone performing or accepting something. Oh, and the BET Awards were better.  Much better.